Business Combinations and Strategic Alliances

The current economic environment is putting the same stress to consolidate and reorganize on the non-profit sector as it is on the for-profit sector. BG Consulting Group’s experience can help both for profit and tax exempt clients take a proactive approach to identifying and capitalizing on strategic business alliances, such as joint ventures, partnerships and other business combinations.

Business Coaching

BG Consulting Group helps our clients to become what they want to be, through growth, restructuring, assessing vendor relationships, developing strategic goals and plans to attain them.  

Business Planning

A thoughtful business plan provides many key success indicators for your business, including a focused definition of your products or services, reminding you to invest your energy and assets with the greatest potential for return; identification of your most profitable client groups with a marketing strategy focused on reaching this target audience; a sales tool to help you develop your marketing pitch for new clients or customers; and perhaps most importantly, access to both private and bank financing. 

Tax exempt organizations of all kinds operate in an increasingly competitive environment. Having a responsive, thoughtful business plan can provide significant advantages, allowing you to focus your resources for the greatest impact. A solid business plan is also a very powerful tool when talking to both foundation and individual supporters, helping you make a succinct and compelling case for support for your organization.


Our consultants are well-versed and experienced in business combinations, strategic planning and restructuring.  They work with clients on their strategic vision and help them achieve their financial goals.  BG Consulting Group’s consultants are available to perform operations reviews and provide insight for efficiencies, and to assist with business expansion.  We perform due diligence of acquisition candidates, negotiate with current or potential lenders, both bank and private funding,  and can assist with succession planning and development of an advisory board.  Our consultants are well situated to become your outsourced CFO.

Outsourced CFO

Our consultants include former CFOs and CPAs, who provide the services and competencies of a CFO for our clients.  We assist in the preparation and development of cashflow analyses and timely financial statements, negotiate with suppliers/vendors for extensions and favorable terms, coordinate and negotiate with outside lenders and creditors for sufficient liquidity and sources of funds, provide strategic business acumen and direction, and serve as an integral component of your management team.  We coordinate all aspects of your company’s financial function, from the accumulation of raw data to the formal presentation of resulting financial reports to lending institutions and creditors.  We can also assist in screening and qualifying potential candidates to become your organization’s permanent CFO.

Fundraising and Charitable Gift Planning

By ensuring that your donors and their advisors receive timely, accurate and complete answers to their questions, your organization can reap the benefit of gifts other non-profits might turn away. BG Consulting Group’s extensive experience in sophisticated charitable planning can help your organization structure complex gifts that help your donors achieve their philanthropic goals while also protecting your organization’s interests.

Non-Profit Governance and Board Development

An engaged board with a committee structure properly aligned to support your organization’s mission is a critical element of success. We have worked extensively in the area of non-profit governance, helping our clients to differentiate between staff and volunteer roles, training board members regarding their responsibilities as directors, developing volunteer structures to support program, service and fundraising goals, and ensuring that your organizational documents accurately reflect your structure and goals.

Turnaround Management

When your business experiences financial stress, our consultants provide a pathway toward stability.  They become the go-to person in dealing with creditors, unions and lenders.  BG Consulting Group provides crisis management at this most critical juncture, and can serve as interim CEO, COO or CFO, as needed.

Event Production and Logistics

Our experienced team can help you produce unique and successful events, from fundraising benefits to large conferences to sports tournaments and events.  We support your team by handling the logistics to ensure your guests or attendees have a high quality experience that clearly conveys your brand and message, and exceed your fundraising or financial goals.  Our services include assistance with site selection and vendor contracts, financial projects and budget management, publicity and marketing, ticketing and reservations, and on site event support.

Real Estate

BG Consulting Group can help you address your real estate concerns before they become problems. Real estate expenses often comprise one of the largest line items in a small business’s or non-profit organization’s budget. We can negotiate lease, purchase or sale terms for real property, and provide counsel on alternative property choices that can generate significant cost savings for your organization. Our industry relationships give us direct access to current market conditions and availability, and the tools to help our clients with the purchase, sale or lease of real estate.