Fortify the Workforce

The viable work environments with the lowest turnover are places where employees feel safe and enjoy excelling in their roles.  We will help you retain your well-trained workforce by reviewing your personnel structure, HR and workplace policies and performance indicators, to reassimilate a stable, confident high-performing workforce. 

  • Reexamine organization chart-workforce assessment
  • Revise job descriptions
  • Update performance measures
  • Compliance with CDC and local safety guidelines
  • Strengthen safety education, establish self-protection guidelines, and increase awareness of risk prevention 
  • Reexamine employment policies, procedures and manuals
  • Compliance with COVID related paid leave and other benefit requirements

Fortify the Brand

Customers trust consistency.  When the dust settles, people will return to stable, familiar brands that deliver a dependable experience.  We will identify the most influential drivers of the brand experience and integrate them with your updated stakeholder engagement strategies to ensure you retain your loyal customers while attracting new ones.

  • Reset customer expectations
  • Communicate customer code of conduct to reflect health and safety guidelines
  • Refresh mission, vision, values
  • Stabilize customer base

Fortify the Financial Resources

Our objective analysis yields valued insight into existing debt obligations, as well as new capital and investment opportunities, and high-accuracy financial analyses and forecasting for sustainability in the face of future disruptions.

  • Create or adjust projections factoring the realities of our COVID-19-impacted marketplace
  • Communicate opportunities for new or additional investments from outside investors
  • Provide emergency fiscal planning advice
  • Audit and reposition near-term and long-term cash flow projections and obligations
  • Provide efficiency analysis and recommendations of existing structure and operations
  • Examine opportunities for acquisition or divestiture of operations or assets
  • Serve as interim CFO/CAO

Fortification Against Future Disruptions

We will strengthen your business interruption preparedness by designing and integrating contingency plans and policies to protect finance, operations, personnel and brand equity domains of your enterprise.

  • Evaluate supply chains
  • Develop/revise business plans 
  • Crisis communications
  • P/L analysis and optimization of all cost and revenue centers
  • Identify and secure strategic partnerships
  • Assess business practices, legal documents, and current contractual obligations
  • Evaluate in-house and contract expertise to identify any missing resources
  • Evaluation of new programs/assets created in response to a shutdown that may have continued value for customer retention

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